Reliable Information Assurance Professionals

Information Assurance (IA)

Information Assurance (IA) is important in every organization’s information systems risk management plan. Ensuring that user data is protected both in transit and throughout storage, IA has become an important component of data security.

Gray Wolf Solutions in Reston, VA offers expertise in Information Assurance. You can rely on our personnel’s knowledge in IA especially in performing information systems assessment and authorization (A&A) across a wide range of IT applications.

What Our IA Professionals Do

Our IA professionals have a broad understanding of the Risk Management Framework (RMF), Cybersecurity, and Cyber Accreditation principles. They can apply these precepts in assessing customers’ information systems compliance with the RMF standards and/or applicable DoD/IC directives and guidance.

In addition, they have extended hands-on experience reviewing and preparing accreditation documentations. These include:

  • System Security Plan
  • System Requirements Traceability Matrices
  • Security Assessment Report
  • Plan of Action & Milestone

Apart from these,

our IA professionals review Security Engineering solutions implementations (PKI, HBSS, ACAS, IDS/IPS). They can also perform Penetration Testing, Vulnerability and Compliance audit scanning. In addition, they determine Privacy/PII Compliance.