Instructional Assessment, Design, Development Experts

Gray Wolf Training/Learning Capability Instructional Assessment, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation services.

Gray Wolf provides comprehensive learning and training solutions to government organizations. We provide the right people, skills and technologies, enabling our clients to realize a quick return on their training investment.

What sets Gray Wolf apart?

Our people – our experts are experienced in all aspects of the learning process, not just one. They are ISDs as well as instructors. They are developers as well as Kirkpatrick evaluators. They are training program managers as well as assessors. They know the full spectrum of the ADDIE cycle, not just one part. What does this mean? Our clients get more for their money. Instead of five separate individuals, we can provide comprehensive solutions with one or two individuals.

Additionally, our experts provide a fresh and up to date approach to training process. We start with a consulting-based front-end analysis to determine if training is required and if so, which approach best meets the needs and budget of our client: Online certification course? One to two minute on-demand tutorials? A week long instructor-led course? Or nothing at all? Perhaps it’s really a policy brief and not a training requirement? We meet our students where they are with a modernized approach to new learning preferences and time limitations. For example, we understand many organizations, units, or teams do not have the budget or cannot spare the staff for travel to spend several days at an instructor-led training. Many training needs can be met with short on-demand how-to training videos similar to those you find on YouTube. Students take them when they have a few minutes; not when a classroom course is scheduled. Our experts can rapidly design, develop, and deliver these types of videos, often one to two per week.

Our experts have experience in creating and delivering training for complicated proprietary computer applications that help analysts make sense out of big data, intelligence analysis, and industrial operations and maintenance. They have worked with pharmaceutical companies, federal law enforcement, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Geospatial Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. They have delivered training online and in a classroom. Their students have included CEOs and assistants, US Attorneys and their staff, intelligence analysts (civilian and military), human resource specialists, and more.