Facilities/Data Center Infrastructure Support

Gray Wolf Solutions

We support two Department of Defense (DoD) facilities in the metropolitan DC area. The program operates and maintains 2.3 million square feet of secured real estate, employing a staff of approximately 500 personnel. Some of the core services for the facilities include:

  • Facility Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Finance
  • Custodial
  • Safety

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/Drafting

We are practicing AutoCAD experts with an average of more than 20 years' experience in technical drafting and maintaining record facility drawings. Our expertise in software applications and engineering disciplines allow us to work from design, post-construction, to operations. 

Currently, we manage a drawing portfolio of 1.4 million square feet in twelve buildings. We provide drafting services, as-built verification, and design support to staff engineers. 

We accurately update our client's record drawings to ensure that facility personnel have the best documentation available. They can use these for present and future operations.

Space Management

We believe that space data, which includes spatial footprint, occupancy, and trend analysis, is critical to an organization's decision-making process. For this reason, our approach to Space Management focuses on data integrity.

We match real-world space conditions (room size, occupancy, usage) with the facility's database records. Our focus on the numbers helps our clients make the most logical decisions for their facilities.

The records are then confirmed through physical survey, database audits (including third-party), and regular reports provided by deployed personnel. We use the ARCHIBUS system to provide clients with valid, up-to-date information on how much space is available. In addition, the information helps them identify what needs to be done to accommodate a growing workforce.